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In Abengoa Peru, as part of Abengoa, we have been developed on the basis of a series of shared values. These principles constitute the structure of our ethics code. We promote that all our staff knows and applicate it, as well as we establish mechanisms of control and revision that guarantee its correct monitoring and update.

Our values are:


Compliance with the law is not merely an external requirement, but also represents an obligation of the organization and its personnel. The law provides our actions with added security and reduces our business risk.


Integrity in professional performance forms part of the identity of Abengoa itself, and is evident in all actions of our staff, both inside and outside the company. This proven integrity becomes credibility in the eyes of our clients, suppliers, shareholders and others with whom we relate, and creates value in itself for both the individual concerned and the entire organization.

Professional rigor

The concept of professionalism at Abengoa is closely linked to our desire to provide high levels of service when engaging in business and to become thoroughly involved in the business project at hand. All undertakings in the performance of allocated functions must be guided by professional responsibility and are governed by the principles set forth in the Common Management Systems.


Abengoa is committed to quality in all of its actions, both internal and external. This is not only a task for specific group of people, or senior management, but instead affects all members of the organization in their daily activity. Abengoa Peru has specific quality standards, which are a result of its knowledge, common sense, rigor, order and responsibility in its actions.


Abengoa expects people to maintain criteria of discretion and prudence in their communications and relations with third parties. The proper safeguarding of information possessed by the company requires all employees of Abengoa maintain strict control over it, adequately guarding documents and not sharing this information to anyone, inside or outside the organization, who is not allowed to know it.