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Since our founding, we have always been committed to ensuring that our services, systems and processes are oriented towards complete client satisfaction. The current Common Management System implemented in Abengoa is built around a set of compulsory internal rules made to unify the management of its member societies. Quality systems have also been put in place throughout all societies pertaining to the group as a strategic objective which goes beyond certification requirements.

This system of standards establishes the elaboration and implementation of Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO standard 9001:2001 as an essential element.  These systems are based on solid management leadership, which provides the training and resources necessary so that all personnel within the society contribute to the continual improvement through their daily activity the following points:

  • Rationally use resources, in addition to preventing and minimizing errors, by applying continuous improvement programs and establishing targets and goals.
  • Promote active and responsible involvement of all members of the organization and provide adequate ongoing training, allowing for participation in the constant improvement process of the system.
  • Incite teamwork and share necessary information, vital to improving the quality of our activities.
  • Comply with the current legal standards and any other commitment the company may acquire at all times.
  • Foster innovation, new ideas, new methods, and the updating of resources, indispensable elements for the process of improvement whose results are projected in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and the improvement of economic results.

Quality Policy

Integrated Management System Policy