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People, Education and Communities Program

PE&C (People, Education and Communities Program) is an education-based social development program and it is the sign of identity of Abengoa's social action.

The mission of PE&C is to help and cooperate with the community NGO's that are examples of social intervention in groups living in disadvantaged situations in Latin America and around the world, of which they are the direct, continuous and sustainable leaders.

The program provides assistance to the most vulnerable groups: children, women, the elderly, the disabled and families living in situation of poverty and social isolation.

It started in Argentina in 2005 and it has extended its scope of cooperation to countries such as razil, India, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Marocco, South Africa and Sri Lanka. In Peru, it has been launched in 2009.

In Peru, PE&C promotes volunteering programs such as "Seeking wills", a program that aims to create the necessary conditions so that children with unsatisfied basic needs of Chiclayo and Jaen can attend and be graduated at Primary school.

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