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Abengoa Peru identifies its Final Beneficiary

September 29th, 2021 - Abengoa Peru recognized as Main Taxpayer by the Tax Administration is obliged to make the declaration of the Final Beneficiary.

The Tax Administration has implemented Legislative Decree No. 1372 and complementary regulations in order to regulate the obligation of legal persons and / or legal entities to inform the identity of their final beneficiaries through an informative declaration. The term Final Beneficiary (BF) refers to natural persons who have control of businesses and/or companies. The rules in question specify 3 criteria for the identification of the Final Beneficiary (BF):

Criterion No. 1: Natural person has at least 10% of participation in a legal entity.

Criterion No. 2: Natural person has powers to appoint or remove charges; or have decision power in agreements.

Criterion No. 3: If the criteria No. 1 and 2 do not apply, the person who occupies the highest administrative position is considered as BF.

In this way, it was concluded to apply the criterion No. 3 according to the business conditions. Therefore, it was identified that Mr. Ignacio Maria Baena Blázquez, Mr. Martín Eduardo Paco Solimano and Mr. Andrés de la Cuesta Valenzuela, are members of the board of Directors of the society, which leads the management of Abengoa Perú S.A.

It should be noted that the company Abengoa Perú S.A. must comply with this informative note until September 30th, as it is considered as Main Taxpayer.

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