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History of Abengoa in Peru

The presence of Abengoa in Peru dates back to the year 1982, when the temporary joint venture (UTE) Abema (Abengoa-Eucomsa-Made) won the construction bid for the Trujillo - Chimbote - Chiclayo Transmission Line and 220kV Substations. Later, this same joint venture won the bid for the construction of the Mantaro – Lima Transmission Line and 220 kV Substation.

In 1994, the privatization of telephone companies increases the demand for communications infrastructure construction, causing Abengoa, together with a local company, to form Actel S.A. (Abengoa Cosapi Telecommunications).

Later, on March 23rd, 1996, Abengoa creates a new society, Abengoa Peru S.A., in order to implement the Ventanilla 2X150 MW Thermal Power Station Expansion Project for Etevensa, therefore increasing its presence in the Peruvian market.

In 1998, Abengoa purchases Actel, merging with Abengoa Peru and remaining since July 4th, 1999, as one company. This act strengths the organization and allows for a more efficient undertaking of the needs of the local market, which is shown by the execution of important projects in State entities as well as private.

During the period from 1999 to 2001, Abengoa Peru contracts and implements Redesur for $45m. In 2007, the activities in civil works and hydraulic works begin to diversify. As Abengoa Peru continues to grow, we are awarded the Manchay contract for $37m, establishing Befesa Peru S.A., the first landfill for hazardous materials in the country.

From 2008 to 2012, the company wins more than 1.700 km of electrical concessions, with an inversion of $700m, as well as over $150m of contracts for water and wastewater. Abengoa Peru continues growing in the construction sector and enters into the mining sector with transmission lines, and sells Befesa Peru S.A. In 2014, Abengoa Peru celebrates 20 years with the support of the mining sector, as we are awarded with the expansion project of an important mining company. The society hopes to continue the same growth in the future.